Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Benny Dayal at Infosys Hyderabad [Videos]

On December 11, 2014 playback singer Benny Dayal and ShakthiSree Gopalan came to Infosys Hyderabad Gachibowli campus for live concert.

Monday, August 4, 2014

"Second Heart" - Book Review

"Our bodies are our gardens - our wills are our gardners"
                                                            - William Shakespeare

Yes, it's the hope or love whatever we can say, it is the only thing which keeps our soul and body healthier. We may came across many books that of various genres, but this book "Second Heart" written in a way which spread the awareness about our second heart(Kidney) with heart touching stories as mentioned in it's subtitle, "First Heart beats for Love; Second Heart beats for Life".

Dr.Sandeep G.Huilgol, Nephrologist from Bengaluru, wanted to spread awareness about the importance of kidney to our people, he met Santhosh Avvannavar, who started his career as a consultant and softskills trainer and author of books like "Adhuri Prem Kahaniya","Dear Wife, Your Husband is not a Superhero", "Get a job WITHOUT an interview", to pen down his idea. Santhosh gave structure to Sandeep's thoughts and they came up with "Second Heart" which encompasses of five fictional non-interrelated stories that attempts a non-technical handling of a Kidney diseases.

With one of the authors of "Second Heart", Santhosh Avvannavar

 Statistically to say about 10 percent of the India's general population experience some kind of kidney failure. It will found in the common people who have more stress, using painkillers, addicted to smoking, alcohol and drugs. Some kind of kidney failure can be cured, some cannot and even some for some kind of kidney failure there are no symptoms and it can be found only at matured stage.

These stories were partly based on factual stories through author's experience. Even I like all the stories in this book very much, Chapter 3 attracts me alot. At the end of the each story, there is a Doctor's note which explains the kidney disease mentioned in that story, in brief. These stories explains the various common symptoms which found in many people that leads to the kidney disease with a touch of love, romance and tragedy. These stories were great alert call to everyone. Who knows, we may also fall under those 10% of people I mentioned above. So, we should be aware and be concern on our health, because "Sound mind lives in sound body".              

Sunday, June 22, 2014

My first cycling ride at Hyderabad

This awesome ride was happened on May 31, 2014. 

Thunderbolts is a cycling club at Infosys which comprises of enthusiastic people who loves cycling, who cares for environment, loves cycle and passion on cycling. . I'm one of the member, newbie joined in this club at Infosys Hyderabad campus, Gachibowli. From this club, on every weekend either Saturday or Sunday club members will go for weekend ride to the places around the city. Usually this ride starts around 5:30 in the morning as we have to return before it's getting hot. 

Animesh, Abhinav, Anuj, Andy, Ashitesh and myself start our riding from Bio-Diversity garden, at HITEC city where myself and one of my team member rented cycle from Hyderabad Bicycling Club(HBC). We need to produce any original identity card to rent cycle if we were from other state. As I was not aware of it I didn't have mine with me, at that time Abhinav helped me with his ID card. After getting it I checked the break and air. We started peddling towards Charminar, the global icon of Hyderabad. I didn't ride gear cycle before, so the bike chain moved out of the gear. My team moves fast when I halt to repair it, after fixing I started my riding to join them. Ram was our other team member who plans to join at Mehdipatnam, so our team waits for him. At that time Animesh adjusted my seat according to my height and give me some tips for the best riding. We crossed Musi River and Telangana High Court and reached Charminar. 

We went to Nimrah cafe to have snacks. I was too tired as this was my first long distance cycling ride. My team mates ordered for "Irani tea", which is famous in Hyderabad. I took table inside the cafe. There I saw a middle aged man sitting opposite to me eating bun with some curd like stuff. I asked the name of the item, he said it's "bun-malai". Wow it was really awesome. It reduced my appetite, and gave me some energy for my return riding. After our tea and snacks we clicked some pics in front of Charminar. 

Our return journey was again through the historic place at Hyderabad, it was "Golkonda". We took short cut to Golkonda fort, where the roads were much damaged. As I was very slow my team waited for me at many places. All of them take much care to this newbie and we reached HBC to return my cycle around 9'o clock. 

This was really wonderful ride around 40 kilometers along with enthusiastic members who use bike to work and cycling lovers those who want to save environment. I'm very proud and happy to be a part of Thunderbolts club, where we burn our fat, not fuels.